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A new idea came up by Beth Park

You know, most areas around Africa  is out of electricity,which we called off-grid areas, but they need the lighting, In Uganda, between 20 to 25 percent of people have no access to electricity,.so the business come up. A plenty of industries started this using solar panel charging for them electrical equipments , however. One solar cell supplies enough energy to power lights and charge cell phones and radios. This is a huge quality-of-life improvement.

"We have created a frame using inexpensive materials that allows the solar panels to track the arc of the sun throughout the day," Parks said. "This approach could make solar energy more affordable to households and small businesses in the developing world."In her design, a bucket of rocks is placed on the west side of the frame and a bucket of water is placed on the east side. Using a controlled leak from the water bucket, the weight shifts and the panel slowly rotates from east to west throughout the day.Parks and her team tested the design on 20 random days in Uganda. The solar cell on the movable frame captured 30 percent more sunlight than the stationary solar cell at the same location.According to Parks, the cost of the system - the solar cell, battery, charger and frame - is about 10 percent less than a comparable rooftop solar cell system. This astonishingly simple, inexpensive and ingenious method could increase solar energy captured for people in developing countries, as well as remote regions that are off the grid.

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