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2018 Baoan Industry Development Expo


2018 is the fortieth anniversary of China’s Reform and Opening up Initiative. As one of the frontiers of China’s Reform and Opening up Initiative, after 40 years of rapid development, Bao’an has built a solid industrial base, a strong industrial support, and an open economic structure. 


Various exhibiting areas--highlighting the new era of Bao’an


Focusing on the theme of “the Bay Area Center, Intelligence &Innovation Highland, Prosperous & Harmonious Homeland”, the exhibition areas of B-Expo 2018 have been designed elaborately. The Bao’an Intelligent Manufacturing Hall in Hall 1 of Shenzhen  Conference & Exhibition Center focuses on displaying the Bao’an industrial system, and highlighting the new era of “Bao’an intelligent manufacturing”; Hall 6 is the Bao’an Image Hall, which focuses on the soft environment of social development such as Bao’an government service, scientific and technological innovation, talent party building, medical education, etc., and stresses the achievements of Prosperous & Harmonious Homeland construction. The two halls are organically combined to showcase the achievements of Bao’an social development and reform and innovation in new era. 


Bao’an Intelligent Manufacturing Hall covers 30000 square meters, including over 10 exhibiting areas such as Sino-German Cooperation Demonstration Area, Intelligent Manufacturing Area, Electronic Information Area, New Material & New Energy Area, Artificial Intelligence Area, Aviation & Aerospace Area, Science & Technology Area, Laser Technology & Equipment Area, Big Data Area, Marine Industry Area, Biology & Life Health Area, and Cultural Innovation Area. On the one hand, the exhibition area reflects the achievements of Baoan's traditional advantageous industries in building a modern industrial system driven by innovation. On the one hand, these exhibiting areas embodies the achievements of Bao’an traditional competitive industries to build a modern industrial system driven by innovation, and on the other hand, these areas also showcase the newest progress of Bao’an actively cultivating and embracing strategic emerging industries and future industries, as well as the development of Integrating advanced technologies such as new-generation information technology, artificial intelligence, and big data with Baoan's economic transformation and upgrading.   



400 plus brand enterprises fusion-- showcasing the industry strength of Bao’an


B-Expo 2018 has attracted more than 400 choosen leading enterprises and high-end manufacturing enterprises from Bao’an District, such as Lufthansa Technology, IMEDCO, Severin in Sino-German Cooperation Demonstration Area; 3NOD Electronics, Airmate and Hangsheng Electronics in Electronic Information Area; Create Century Machinery, JT Automation Equipment, Silver Basis Technology in Intelligent Manufacturing Area; APT Mobile Satcom, China Communication Technology and Aee Aviation Technology in Aviation & Aerospace Area; Wave Kindom, Pure Water NO.1 in Marine Industry Area; Sunwoda Electronic,Power-Solution, Dongjiaxin  Cable & Wire and Polymer Science New Materials in New Material & New Energy Area; Maxphotonics, DCT and Han’S Scanner S&T in Laser Technology & Equipment Area; Saiyi Science & Technology, Zudian Intelligence Technology, Yonghe Technology and Autotech Tlectronics in Science & Technology Area; INSTA360, Emdoor VR Technology, Arashi Vision and Augmented Reality Technologies in Artificial Intelligence Area; UTEK Technology, WAI CHI OPTO Technology and Gospell Digital Technology in Big Data Area; Winkey Bio-Tech, Zhenghe Medicine and Comfort Technology in Biology & Life Health Area; Huaxun Education, Light-Whisper Creative Strategy and He Cheng Hao Food in Cultural Innovation Area; As well as Joy Wing Mau Agricultural Products, Makhin Food, and Tsingtao Beer and Makhin Food in New Product Launch Area, all of which highlight the strong intelligent manufacturing strength.



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From July 26 to July 28, we will in C1648,Hall 1.

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