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The foreign students in Shenzhen university visited our company

This season is a graduating period ,senior students will graduate from school and step into society.

In Shenzhen university,there are a group of foreign students who want to do something for their country after they graduating from China.

      Yesterday,they visited our company . our colleague Fiona told them the development of our company , the challenge we met before  and hope we can solve it together ,forward to a more brighter world.

Shenzhen university
     After talking that, we led them visit our Research&Development Room , Aging Room ,Product lines and Outdoor testing lab. The visit made them thumbs up and impressive.  Shenzhen university

    Then we began to discuss the feelings they got after this visit, from this conversation , we known that they already had their own thoughts, some of them exposed their thoughts that they wanna do a solar business for off grid areas after returning their hometown . Glad to hear their ambition in that young age and do something significant.

     Finally , we hope they can remember their thoughts forever and bring this to their hometown.

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